Where to Start Searching for Your Arizona Home

If you haven’t started your Scottsdale home search, you might be wondering where to start. While there is no perfect path for any one home buyer, there are a few things you can do to get the process started. My advice? The first item you should determine would be whether or not you need a mortgage.  If you do need a mortgage to purchase a new home, finding a lender and obtaining a pre-approval should be your first step, as this will narrow down your search based on what you can afford.  Once you’ve obtained a pre-approval (watch my video here regarding how to find a lender), you are ready to start searching for a home.

Before you even hop on the Internet, start with determining what you want the most out of your new home. Here are just a few questions to ask yourself before starting your home search:

-Where do you want to live?

-What are your basic needs?

-What types of features do you hope to have in your new home? (high ceilings, a swimming pool, two-car garage, hardwood flooring, etc)

-How close would you like to be to work (or schools, shopping, dining, nightlife, entertainment)

Next, compile two lists. The first list should include the things that you absolutely need. The second list should be items that you wish to have, but won’t be a deal breaker not to have.

Once you have determined where you want to live and created a list of wants vs. needs, its time to start the home search. To make this process go smoother, I have added a great search application to my website that allows you to search for homes in the the MLS, just like a Realtor®. The search application will also allow you to register and create your own custom searches, and when new listings are located within the MLS that meet your search criteria by the search application, you are automatically emailed a notification so you can get a jump on the new listing right away, which gives you a better chance of an accepted offer than waiting for sites like Realtor.com or Zillow.com to receive the listing information from the MLS system (listings usually show up on those sites 2-3 days after the listing is entered into the MLS system)! Start now!

Feel free to watch the video below for an overview of this process.

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