Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale – A Photo Update

I’ve posted about Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale before, and it seems to get better every time I visit. I attended a private event for members last Friday, and it was packed.  I got more photos to add to my collection, which you can see over on my Facebook page.

The butterfly exhibit is located just east and south of McCormick Ranch, on the northeast corner of the Highway 101 Vie De Ventura exit.

If you like butterflies, it is truly a wonderland!

More of my photos can be viewed here:

Butterfly Wonderland Photo Collection

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  1. Hi Lauren, It is a wonderful place. I found that going in the mid to late afternoon is a bit quieter, both in terms of people and butterfly activity. The butterflies are not flying around as much as so it’s easier to snap photos.

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