Scottsdale Home Prices Up 17%


Scottsdale home prices have been climbing, just like the rest of the valley.  This month’s average sales price per square foot for Single Family Homes is $197, rapidly approaching the $200/sf standard that Scottsdale has been known for.  The average for this year to date is slightly lower, at $185/sf.

Now, looking at appreciation, you can see that sales prices, based on price per square foot, are up 17% over the same time last year.  And comparing this month’s average sales price with the average of the year-to-date, you can see that the appreciation trend is definitely continuing, up over 6%.

The number of buyers still exceeds the number of house available, so it easy to imagine that this trend will continue. With multiple offers still being common for well-priced and well-placed properties, home prices are definitely on the rise in Scottsdale.

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