Normal Homes Dominate the Scottsdale Real Estate Market

Over the past year, the number of homes for sale in Scottsdale has continued to drop, from 1800 at the first of the year to just under 1600 currently. Looking at the chart below, you can see that normal homes (i.e. homes are not short sales or foreclosures) dominate the Scottsdale real estate market.

Active Listings All - Scottsdale

What is more apparent when you look at the types of homes for sale is that the number of normal homes has remained more constant this year. Starting and ending this year at just over 1400 homes.

Active Listings Normal - Scottsdale

And when you look at the number of short sales on the market, you see that they have dropped significantly over the past year, from 180 listed a year ago, to just over 60 now.

Active Listings Short - Scottsdale

And the situation with foreclosures is the same. Approximate 100 lender-owned homes were listed a year ago, and now there are about 40.

Active Listings REO - Scottsdale

It’s a great way to end the year, knowing that the Scottsdale real estate market continues to improve.

If you are interested seeing some of the homes in Scottsdale that are currently on the market, here are some easy searches for all Scottsdale zip codes.

Homes for Sale in Scottsdale

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  1. We’re happy with this and yet it is a strange thing to see. I tend to believe that it’s just easier to buy homes that are either brand new or still have someone living in them. Home owners will better know what they’re getting that way, because one never knows the condition of a foreclosed home or a short sale home.

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