How many dogs can I have in my Scottsdale home?

The three dogs waiting

photo credit: Dave Goodman

Recently, a home buyer asked me if she was allowed to have three dogs in Scottsdale.

I emailed the Information Office for the city and got this detailed response back:

The City of Scottsdale’s codes and ordinances does not have a limit on the number of household pets. There are two relevant sections of the City Code regarding the keeping of animals on private property. The first is Chapter Four, Article II, which refers to sanitary requirements, noise produced from animals and the authority of Maricopa County health officers to inspect premises and require abatement of nuisances.

If there is a Homeowner Association, there may be CC&Rs and Deed Restrictions which may limit the number of animals permitted, however the City of Scottsdale does not enforce these regulations, the HOA does.

Here are the relevant sections of the Scottsdale City Code:

Articles II. Keeping of Domestic Animals

Sec. 4-16. Purpose

The control of the keeping of animals, as regards to their location and sanitary requirements, is substantially and reasonable related to the public health, safety and welfare.

(Code 1972, 4-202)

Sec. 4-17. General Restrictions

(a) Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, birds, fowl, and any other animal or bird, and the pens, stalls, stables, yards, shelters, cages, areas, places and premises where they are held or kept, shall be so maintained that flies, insects, or vermin, rodents harborages, odors, ponded water, the accumulation of manure, garbage, refuse or other noxious material do not become a public health nuisance.

(c) No person shall knowingly keep or harbor any animal or fowl which by frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking, crowing or the making of other noises shall annoy or disturb a neighborhood or any two (2) or more persons, one (1) of which may be a police officer or an animal control officer.

So, yes, three dogs are allowed as long as the public is safe, they do not smell up the neighborhood, they are quiet…. and it is allowed by the HOA.

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