Showing your home for sale and getting feedback

Quick tips for showing your home:

  • Allow a lockbox to be installed for easy and secure agent access
  • Leave for scheduled showings so buyer can feel more comfortable imagining living in the home
  • Remove pets

Once a buyer has viewed your home, I use the Homefeedback service to get feedback on what buyers thought of your home. Agents respond much more to email inquiries, because photos are attached and it’s easier for them to remember which house your are asking about.

Some of the questions that I ask the agent are:

  • Did your buyers like the property?
  • Did they like the floor plan?
  • Did your buyer like the community?
  • Are they considering making an offer?
  • Any other comments from the buyer?
  • What did you think of the price?
  • If a price reduction is in order, what range would you suggest?

Getting this feedback helps you determine if any changes are in order, to sell your home more quickly.

For more info on selling your home in Scottsdale, see: Buyer & Seller Tips

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