Wonder what’s behind the walls? Get a thermal imaging inspection

One of my clients just had a home inspection completed where he asked the home inspector to do a thermal imaging inspection in addition to his normal inspection.

Matthew Jenks, of First Step Home Inspectors, is the only inspector in the valley that I know of, who is using this special camera, to find issues with a property that are not necessarily visible to the human eye, like heat loss from lack of insulation and water damage from leaks.

Here are a few photos that he shared with me from some of his inspections. Scale on right in each photo is temperature (F°).

060611 Rear wall missing insulation IR
Missing insulation in a wall

Master Bedroom Ceiling missing a full sectionn of Insulation
Missing insulation in the ceiling

101510 Refrigerator water line leak IR
Leak from a refrigerator water line

Bathroom wall moisture intrusion behind the tiles
Moisture intrusion behind bathroom tiles

If you’d like to know more about this technology for your next home inspection, you can reach Matt here:

Matthew Jenks
First Step Home Inspectors, LLC

Owner/AZ Certified Home Inspector #44033
Certified Infrared Thermographer #40543
InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

Direct Phone: 602-999-5850

Matt@FirstStepHomeInspectors.com FirstStepHomeInspectors.com

More info for Scottsdale home buyers:

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  1. Pretty cool, but I wonder how all houses would rate if inspected in this fashion. Maybe the house(s) in these photos is one of the good ones. 🙂

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