Showing your home for sale and getting feedback

Quick tips for showing your home:

  • Allow a lockbox to be installed for easy and secure agent access
  • Leave for scheduled showings so buyer can feel more comfortable imagining living in the home
  • Remove pets

Once a buyer has viewed your home, I use the Homefeedback service to get feedback on what buyers thought of your home. Agents respond much more to email inquiries, because photos are attached and it’s easier for them to remember which house your are asking about.

Some of the questions that I ask the agent are:

  • Did your buyers like the property?
  • Did they like the floor plan?
  • Did your buyer like the community?
  • Are they considering making an offer?
  • Any other comments from the buyer?
  • What did you think of the price?
  • If a price reduction is in order, what range would you suggest?

Getting this feedback helps you determine if any changes are in order, to sell your home more quickly.

For more info on selling your home in Scottsdale, see: Buyer & Seller Tips

It’s official – I’ve made the move to Realty ONE Group

As you may have read in the Phoenix Business Journal a couple weeks ago, John Hall & Associates was acquired by Nevada-based Realty ONE Group.  It was a total surprise to me, yet I’m excited to see the best of these two companies melding in a way that’s beneficial to local buyers and sellers.

While I’ll continue to work out of my home office, I’ll have a Scottsdale business address:

7975 N Hayden Road, Suite A-101
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

I’ll have additional broker support, and have already met some incredibly talented agents who already call the Realty ONE Group “home”.  And the company’s tagline “A Team of Professionals” means that it’s business as usual!

All my reach info will stay the same, just a new logo, and a great new opportunity. is 4 years old today

Really kind of amazing how fast the time has flown by.  My 1st post was not anything memorable, other than I started blogging. I’ve been a journaling since I was in college. However, sharing or writing something publically was a very big push for me. Yet, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to do it.

The following video was uploaded to YouTube in October 2007. I’ve gone back and watched it several times over the past several years. The content and delivery truly changed my way of thinking about learning, life, and how we share and connect.

When I look at how I’ve evolved personally and professionally in the past four years, I’m truly amazed.

  • Stumbling across the Cromford Report and falling in love with numbers again. Being able to see and share what’s going on statistically has been a big part of this blog.
  • Learning to use my cameras to frame and share my world, especially the beautiful city I live and work in.
  • Finding that I can open up personally, upon occasion, and feel safe, and then learning that my vulnerabilities are not all that scary once they are out there.
  • Jumping into social media with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, meeting all kinds of new friends, colleagues, and clients
  • Mobilizing my business with use of wireless and broadband, using smartphones, mini-laptop, and now an iPad.

For fun, I went back and picked out a few of my favorite blog posts.  Surprisingly (or not), the pieces I remember most, are the ones where my hearts strings tugged a bit, or I felt a bit uncomfortable sharing how I feel.

With a ton of appreciation, I thank the following people for inspiring me to start my blog, to expand my views, to keep at it, and to focus on what I really am good at and like to do.

What a great time it’s been – to the future and all that it holds!

Find your next home in Scottsdale: Searching by Neighborhood


I’ve just added this cool new search to where you can search for a neighborhood by a list of attributes that include:

  • Local Culture
  • Quality Schools
  • Fun and Hip
  • Family Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Golfers Paradise
  • Near Everyday Needs
  • Near Shopping
  • Rural
  • Small Town
  • Suburban
  • Urban
  • Most walk or bike
  • Most ride public transportation
  • Nearby synagogues
  • Nearby churches
  • Nearby mosques

To get started, click on “Neighborhoods” on the menu bar above.


You pick up to six of these attributes and then put them in your prioritized order.

The results are then displayed by zip code, first showing the top match of the top ten matches, which you can click through, using the “Next Match” button.


If you prefer to see your results by Neighborhood, click on the “Neighborhoods” button to the right of “Zip Codes”.


This is a pretty cool way to start or improve your search for homes in Scottsdale.  If you try it, let me know what you think. 

Other ways to search for homes in Scottsdale: