Biking in Scottsdale–An Easy Way to Explore

Getting out on my bike has always been one of the fastest ways for me to clear my head.

non-regulated-bike-shoes (Small)

The other night, I dreamed I rode my bike from McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale to the 202 Freeway in Tempe. When I woke up the next morning, that’s exactly what I did.

The main north-south bike path in Scottsdale runs from about Shea Boulevard south to Tempe Town Lake.  I rode straight down to the freeway and when I got there, decided I might as well go all the way to the lake, since it was only a couple hundred more yards.

Riding under the freeway was interesting. The light was bouncing around, and it felt kind of like a cave, except for how bright it was and the noise overhead.

under-202-freeway (Small)

Just south of the underpass, the path turns west and runs along the lake, toward ASU. With temperatures well into the 100’s, just looking at this much water felt cooler.

asu-stadium-town-lake (Small)

Heading north, I took a few more pics to share. The Tempe portion of the path goes through a natural desert area and has a few lights near the freeway  underpass.

tempe-bike-path (Small)

A mile or so north, you can see the back side of Big Surf Waterpark.

big-sur (Small)

And in Scottsdale, the bike path runs through several parks, most with water. 

bike-path-south (Small)

There’s a Frisbee golf course next to the path in South Scottsdale, and further north, you’ll find the Eldorado Skate Park.

scottsdale-bike-path (Small)

Another view of the “2-lane” path, running along a public golf course.

scottsdale-bike-path-golf (Small)

And then a quick view of the lake at Chaparral (Small)

The bike path is flat, except to and from the underpasses. With the newest underpass at Chaparral Road, it’s now possible to get from Indian Bend Road to Roosevelt without crossing any roads.

For a map of this Scottsdale bike path, you can view the Indian Bend Wash Shared-Use Path, and here’s more info on Biking in Scottsdale.

For an overview of bike paths and lanes in Metro Phoenix, see the Maricopa Association of Governments Regional Bike Map 2008

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