So, the question today is:  How long does it take to sell a house in Scottsdale? 

Interestingly enough, with the huge range of prices in Scottsdale, there’s not all that much difference in how long it’s taking for a house to sell.  The chart below is busy, but will give you the basic information.

1.  Time to sell has definitely increased significantly in the past year.

2. Regardless of where you live in Scottsdale, it’s taking approximately 3-4 months (median value) to sell a house, except in the northernmost area of the city (Desert Mountain and the surrounding areas), where 6 months is closer to the norm.

 Median Days to Sell a House in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Zip Code Map

Remember that the zip code 85266 in North Scottsdale is new as of July 2007, so the tracking data has taken a while to correct, as home owners and their agents shifted to the new code.