Save some gas? Ride a bike.

I love to ride my bike.  It’s an instant way for me to relax.  While I’m not a serious sport enthusiast like Steve Belt, and did not live and bike in one of the bike capitals of the world, like Jay Thompson, I do use my bike to get around… to the gym, the library, and even to the grocery store.  I’ve once mountain biked Phoenix Mountain Preserve Trail 100 from one end to the other, but that’s another story.

Phoenix Metropolitan Bike MapWith all the brew-ha-ha surrounding gas prices, bikes are back in vogue.  The local news has been running stories about employers adding bike racks and showers for commuters.  Today, the news was about using a bike to connect with light rail.

And so I’d like to share a couple resources that I’ve found very helpful. 

Maricopa Regional Bike Map

Scottsdale Bike Map

The maps are large, but both Phoenix and Scottsdale have paper versions that you can request.  They are very handy to have on hand when planning a new route.

And if you are riding in the summer heat, plan ahead and be sure to stay hydrated.  Be alert for oblivious drivers, too.  I’ve been know to yell out, just to wake someone up and let them know I’m there.  Biking is a great way to get around, burn a few calories, and help you cut down your time at the gas pumps. 

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  1. More great info, Dru..
    Re: our friend Jay, I think the quote was, “I used to ride a bicycle at least 150 miles a week.” 🙂 Now Steve, I think he is a pretty crazy biker..

  2. I have been on a Phoenix central city bike exploring expedition for a few weeks now; this of course happens at 5:oo am and on a modified road bike. I can’t imagine anyone riding anytime later when it’s over 110 degrees, but some do it.

  3. I don’t currently ride but my wife and I have been talking about getting some bikes now that the kids will be old enough to start riding soon. Probably a little different type of riding than you and Steve. 🙂

  4. I was just riding Trail 100 on Saturday. My brother-in-law is a relatively new mountain biker, and I showed him where you can start at 7th St, south of T-Bird.

  5. @Nick – we purchased 2 mountain bikes and 2 bikes for my girls when they were 3 & 5 for Christmas 7 years ago. I’ve been riding my mountain bike 1000’s of miles a year since. Later I got a road bike as well. It’s a great activity for the whole family.

  6. Artur, It does take some effort to ride in the middle of the day. I had an early appointment today, so didn’t get my trip to the gym in until lunch time. I wasn’t the only bike out. It doesn’t feel that warm, until you stop 🙂

    Nick, I don’t even have a “serious” bike any more, although I’d love to do more mountain biking. My current cruiser is really ideal for city streets and paths, and cost only 1/2 to 1/3 of what I was prepared to pay. I’ve had other city cyclists stop me and ask how I liked it, because it looks so comfortable to ride…. it is.

    Steve, It’s been quite some time since I spent much time on 100. It’s a jewel of a trail for being in the central part of the city.

    My husband and I rode a lot, with son in tow, until he hit the 50 lb. load limit. We had lots of great adventures, but don’t get out together much any more, since son has not mastered a bike.

    We’ve been looking for a used three-wheeler for him since he’s expressed some interest, and we want to make sure it’s something he can really use to get around, safely. They are hard to find, except in use by other cyclists. One day, I saw three different people out, of all ages, using their 3-wheelers getting around town with a dog, their groceries, and just for exercise.

  7. @Steve – 2 of the boys will soon be three and their brother just turned four. We will need to find a way to do this safely. 🙂

    Dru – A “cruiser” sounds perfect. 🙂 I would probably enjoy rides to the store, neighborhood conveniences etc..

  8. My wife and I love to cruise on our bikes. Our pup usually runs along with us as we roam our neighborhood – nothing too major.

    We’ve been to the preserve area a couple of times through the entrance off Tatum. I’ll have to check out the 7th st one.

    Thanks for the maps!

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