Got a Halloween Costume for Your Dog Yet?

Happy HalloweenLooking for a family oriented way to spend Halloween.  Look no further than the City of Scottsdale’s annual Fall Festival.  It’s this Wednesday night, Oct. 31, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Eldorado Park south ballfields, 1909 N. Miller Rd.

Join in on the fun with:

  • A haunted forest
  • Interactive game booths
  • Costume parade
  • Jack-o-lantern carving
  • Pumpkin decorating contest
  • Dog costume contest
  • Food
  • Fireworks

For more information or to volunteer for the event, call (480) 312-0216.

Six Simple Tips to Sell Your House for More

For Sale SignAre you thinking about selling your home?

Or, has your house been on the market way too long, with no offers?

As always, Condition, Location, and Pricing are the keys to selling your home, more than ever in today’s market where buyers have a surplus of homes to choose from.

The following article by Jim Sexton, Broker for John Hall & Associates was published in the most recent “Broker Agent Magazine” and focuses on the Condition of your home.

In the latest issue of REALTOR® magazine, they cited a HomeGain survey which found that staging could increase the sales price by $2,275 to $2,841. Simply cleaning and decluttering could add $2,093 to $2,378 to the final price.

Considering those statistics lets review some small projects that can create big bucks and faster sales:

  • Decluttering –Clutter eats equity because it eats square footage. Buyers want maximum square footage so clean out all excess furniture, toys, personal items and collections and let the buyer see the space.
  • Cleaning – Sparkling windows, clean counters, freshly vacuumed floors, beds made and bathrooms cleaned all make a positive impression on buyers.
  • Painting – It doesn’t cost much but it can have a huge impact, just be sure that the colors are neutral and fresh.
  • Repairs – Replace cracked switch plates, replace light bulbs, touch up cracks, etc. Buyers tend to “horriblize” even the smallest repairs, deducting anything they see from the offering price.
  • Curb Appeal – Don’t forget the outside of the house, sweep walks, clean out flowerbeds, trim trees and paint that front door. Be sure that the house welcomes people from the curb.
  • Appeal to the Senses – Smoking, cooking and pet odors can be distasteful to buyers. A thorough cleaning can help neutralize odors and for open houses and broker tours, try baking cookies or apple pie.

Probably the most significant part of this advice is to do it before the property hits the market!

You have the maximum buyer and broker interest the first few weeks after the property hits the market, don’t waste that opportunity with a property that doesn’t show well.

When it comes to “staging” remember this, your car depreciates the minute you leave the lot, and yet you have it detailed before attempting to sell it. Your home has most likely appreciated, it deserves the same close attention in order to demand top dollar.

Think about it.

sold signAll of these tips are easy to do, and at low cost. In today’s market, you need every possible reason to entice a potential buyer into your home and encourage them to stay so they can really see and experience your home.

And the longer they stay, the more they see. 

So, if you really want to sell your home, do what it takes to do it right. Follow these these tips, so you can sell your house for more.

Scottsdale Housing Voucher Program

From the City of Scottsdale’s email notification system:

“Scottsdale Update, Oct. 25, 2007”

Residents can apply for the city’s Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Nov. 14 at the Civic Center Library Auditorium, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd.

The process will establish a waiting list for the program, which last accepted applications in November, 2006. There are currently 670 Scottsdale residents receiving rental housing assistance through this program. This program is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and helps provide affordable, safe housing for lower-income families, senior citizens and disabled persons.

Scottsdale Social Service Programs

Understanding Credit Workshop

Here’s a workshop sponsored by the City of Scottsdale that I just heard about via their email notification system:

Residents are invited to a free workshop on understanding your credit report. Get answers to all of the questions you have about your credit report, including how to improve your report, how to dispute information, what can and can’t be reported, credit scoring and much more.

Workshop will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Paiute Neighborhood Center located at 6535 E. Osborn Road.

In today’s market, more than ever, having a good, solid understanding of your financial and borrowing position is critical. If you are not able to attend this class, and would like more information, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with some local experts.

YouTube Marketing To Sell Your Home

With the huge majority of buyers (some say over 80%) starting their home search on-line, having an aggressive Internet presence is extremely critical in marketing your home, especially in today’s market where there are many more homes than buyers.  One of the most innovative ways that I’ve found to market properties is to have a professional photographer create a streaming video tour, which can then be posted to YouTube and a number of on-line services that showcase homes.

Beside giving the potential home buyer a first hand look at the home, it allows me the opportunity to showcase the best features of the home, the features that buyers are typically requesting.  Having an on-line video of your home while it is listed give potential buyers 24 hour access to your home, thus increasing the number of potential “showings” that you have for your property.

Take a look at this video for the home at 10886 E. Rosemary Lane so you can see the wave of the future for home marketing.